Our Mission

Growing Up Digital was founded to meet the need of parents and mental health professionals to guide young people through the brave new world of the digital age. Our goal is to help you navigate an unfamiliar territory with more mindfulness and less fear.

Fear of the unknown is hard to shake, but you’ve made the first step by getting here. Informing yourself about the realities of the worlds of digital natives, not buying into the fear-mongering culture of the news, and exploring the balance of the good and bad sides of new technology can help you be the confident, involved, and knowledgeable parent and/or professional that we know you are striving to be.


About the Author

This site was created by and Lauren Busfield, MSW, LCSW, a clinical social worker, parent, and published author. She has been working with adolescents, children, and their families in therapeutic environments since 2008. For the last several years, she has been focusing on ways in which technology impacts the culture of young people, and recently published a chapter in The Social Work and Sexual Trauma Casebook: Phenomenological Perspectives (2018).