New! Techtivities Bookmark

Print out this bookmark and use it as a jumping-off point for some tech-based, fun activities with your kids. Start fostering positive conversations and experiences with tech, instead of focusing on control and limitations.

The Mindful Cycle of Our Digital Lives

This printable copy of the Cycle of Our Digital Lives can be used in offices, at home, or as handouts with parents who would like a visual reminder of the cyclical nature of technology, and healthy responses to encourage better communication and technology usage.




Mindful Consumption

This is a printable tool with suggestions for mindful consumption of digital media, encouraging us to reflect on and use technology in ways that are meaningful and helpful to us.



*Both of these tools are based on the practice experience of Lauren Busfield, MSW, LCSW and are licensed under Creative Commons with Attribution-Non-Commercial designations. You may use them for personal or professional purposes, with attribution, but not to make a profit.

Virtual Trauma Risk Assessment Tool

This assessment tool is a starting point for therapists, to help open up communication with clients about their experiences online. It is not meant to be filled out independently by the client; rather, it is a worksheet that can assist with asking questions that open narrative, rather than leave young people feeling defensive about their online lives.

This tool can also be found in my chapter of The Social Work and Sexual Trauma Casebook: Phenomenological Perspectives (2018).

Virtual Trauma Risk Assessment Tool